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Ebankome is the largest platform on the internet for buying, selling, advising, and financing private companies. EBANKOME has established a single, well-known platform that business owners and deal professionals trust to discover and connect with new transaction partners.

A great way to find foreign buyers is to hire someone who uses his or her contacts to sell your products in other countries. This can be a local sales agent, representative, or distributor with expertise in your industry. They should also be skilled in identifying opportunities and familiar with local regulations, logistics, and after-sales service.

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We offer a large selection of building materials and construction supplies, with solutions geared toward concrete, masonry, and landscaping projects.
Our specialty is building supplies, materials, tools and safety equipment for projects in corporate and mixed-use, residential, hospitality, education, government, medical and stadium environments.

Highest standards of quality

We provide the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices in the market. We meet your diverse requirements in construction materials, with steadfast logistical support. Our team of Industry experts provides punctual & strategic delivery of your orders, making for a seamless experience for you and your clients.

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We are the key link in a fragmented building products value chain. Through our business-to-business distribution platform, we help customers find the right products in our vast offering and enable suppliers to fulfil the customer’s needs.
We offer more than one million products across various segments and provide a solution for small to medium sized customers who are mainly active in the residential and renovation end markets.
Our passionate and professional employees that have deep product knowledge, strong customer relationships and a “can-do” attitude help to deliver the projects of our customers in an easy, better, timely and sustainable way.