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EBANKOME operates as a franchisor in the residential real estate industry. Its services include buying homes, selling homes, and home financing and mortgage services. The company offers its services through brokers, sales associates, and agents internationally. Today, it is one of the world’s leading residential franchise brokerage networks.

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As a franchisee with EBANKOME Real Estate Franchise, you are independent and can work from anywhere without minimum turnover or high or one-time costs like other franchise providers. We offer 100% no comparable franchise with such low costs and yet 6-7 figure earning potential. You can generate your first sales immediately after joining the franchise membership, as existing customers, sales objects, business partners, and a proven CRM system are available. Free entry with sharing is possible, you can continue to operate your own real estate office, as a revenue share is only charged on transactions that have been proven to have come about through EBANKOME and this can be seen through transparent insight.


As a franchisee, you should have at least five years of commercial experience and possess qualities such as honesty, loyalty, sales strength, and perseverance. The profession of an investment broker is 95% an office job that can also be done from home. Prospective franchisees should have their own fixed costs secured for at least 12 months in advance, as financial pressure would only make it more difficult to integrate into this complex industry.
You should want to continuously educate yourself to be successful.


In the world of investment properties, you need the necessary know-how to be successful. As a franchisee with EBANKOME Real Estate Franchise, you have a proven system at your fingertips, saving you unnecessary time and money. Legal rulings are constantly changing and fixed costs for a single operation are so high nowadays that many real estate brokers are already overwhelmed by the costs in the first three years. Legally secure contracts and forms are a must, and the cost of annual updates is far above the average annual earnings of a broker, making it not worth it. EBANKOME Real Estate Franchise gives you the added value of a 100-person team, so you can focus on sales.

What can an aspiring franchisee in investment brokerage expect?

As a franchisee of EBANKOME Real Estate Franchise, you will be involved in international investment brokerage and work with industry partners. This includes email correspondence, phone calls, and tactical negotiation, with a strong legal background. You will deliver individual investment properties to investors that meet their criteria, such as multi-family homes or commercial real estate for revitalization, holding, division, new construction, or project development. When successfully brokering these multi-million dollar deals, our licensees receive a brokerage fee of 2-6% net. As a franchisee, you will have customer and source protection and earn passive income from transactions that you bring in. In addition to high commissions, franchisees can also earn occasional referral fees for successfully introduced business contacts. On average, an investment broker completes 2-3 deals per year and earns 6-7 figure commissions. However, it is a tough business among professionals, so you should not expect to make quick money in a short period of time – although it is certainly possible!

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