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Northern Cyprus is a very quiet country, separated from the noisy world.

Northern Cyprus is a country with an area of approximately 3400 square kilometers, after the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, it is the third largest island with a population of approximately two million people in 2023 in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus is located in the south of Turkey, west of Syria, southeast of Greece, north of Egypt and northwest of Lebanon.

Northern Cyprus officially declared its independence in 1974 and currently has an independent government and a secular republic with an independent presidency and parliament.

The capital of this country is called Nicosia and it has 10 important cities and regions

This island has two northern and southern parts, the northern part is supported by the Turkish government and the southern part is supported by the Greek government.

Northern Cyprus has been one of the colonies of England, and for this reason, the social lawas, driving laws, investment and lanquage are in English. Moreover, Northern Cyprus uses the currency of the British pound, which has greatly increased the respect of investors in this country.

This country has very calm, respectful and literate people. Owners from England, Germany, Norway, Northern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Iran and other countries have formed a large population of this country.

Due to its strategic position in the world, this country will soon have a very significant progress in the field of industry and trade and the presence of representatives from America and Europe in various commercial fields. This country is located between the three ancient continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Northern Cyprus weather

Northern Cyprus has the best temperate Mediterranean climate in the world due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

300 mild sunny days and 65 mild winter days with adequate rainfall have gifted this country with one of the most special climates in the world.

The longest sandy and golden beaches with clear waters and healing properties belong to this country. Also, the green nature of the forest pastu۹res and high mountains has increased the tourist attraction of this country so much that 9 million tourists from all over the world travel to this country every year.

Security of Northern Cyprus

To enter Cyprus, you need an airport visa invitation and prior hotel reservation, and a tourist visa only allows people to stay in Cyprus for one month.

According to the statistics of 2021, this country is the fifth safest country in the world and based on an important article in the prestigious American magazine Forbes in 2021, the city of Kele, Long Beach area was introduced as the best coastal area for investment.

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Advantages of buying property in North Cyprus

  • Living in the safest small country in the world
  • Getting accommodation for all of your family members
  • High income from property rent
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • High and standard universities and schools
  • Free education until the age of 18
  • Benefit from free medical services
  • Enjoying equal citizenship rights
  • Mediterranean mild climate with 300 sunny days

Property types and purchase conditions in North Cyprus

generally, there are about 27 construction companies in North Cyprus, all of which carry out their construction activities under the supervision of the government and the Ministry of Housing, and have very strong and heavy obligations for the completion and delivery of the property on time-based on the executive guarantees given to the government and Ministry of Housing.

The properties are divided into two categories: villas and apartments ready or pre-purchased. All projects in Northern Cyprus have the facilities of a 5-star hotel, such as a restaurant, cafe, outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, gym, sports fields, spa, hypermarket, bakery, and children’s park.

Of course, regular apartments without the above facilities are also available.

– How to buy ready-to-deliver properties:  by paying 60% of the total amount and the rest in 24-month installments without interest you can buy these properties.

How to buy pre-purchase properties

In order to buy these properties, which will be delivered in 2 or 3 years, you can buy a pre-purchase unit by paying 30-40% of the total amount and installments of 48-80 months without interest.

It should be noted that in this type of purchase, after completing the advance payment, the land is registered and locked in your name at the Registry of Deeds and Real Estate.

Note: In most countries of the world, buying pre-purchased real estate due to participation in the construction of the project is very profitable

Note 2: Cash purchase and immediate settlement of real estate will bring a 3-5% discount on the total amount for buyers.

Different kinds of documents in North Cyprus

One of the advantages of buying a property in North Cyprus is to have full ownership. This type of document, like the documents in Iran, is completely optional and inheritable, which makes the purchase of property in this country different from other countries. The approved documents and full ownership must be TURKISH TITLE and EXCHANGE type. In this case, be sure to consult with the advisors of Del Holding.

Investment growth in Northern Cyprus

In the valid magazine of LIVE AND INVEST OVERSEAS, which examines the details of buying property in the best countries in the world for investment and retirement, North Cyprus is very bright. Also, in 2022, this country was awarded as a healthy and privileged country to live in. The annual growth of more than 70% of property values based on the high demand for property purchase, makes this region a best option to invest your money in.

Types of Accommodation in North Cyprus

There are three ways to obtain residency in this country

1- Student residency. This type of residency is given to the student only for the duration of his studies, and after completing his studies and receiving his degree, the student is required to leave the country after 40 days.

2- Residency through company registration. This type of residency is for people who intend to establish a company and have extensive economic activity in the country. To learn about the company registration process, you can consult with the experienced consultants and lawyers of Del Holdings.

3- Lifelong residency by buying a property in this country, you can get lifelong residency for yourself and your family with full citizenship services such as free medical services, free education until the age of 18, opening international accounts, buying and selling property and cars, and creating a business.

It should be noted that the purchase of property in installments is the best way to obtaining residency in the beautiful country of Northern Cyprus. In this way, the experienced consultants and lawyers of Del Holdings will be beside you from A to Z.

Universities of Northern Cyprus

Due to the existence of advanced international universities in this country, the probability that this country will become an academic hub around the world is very high. Every year, more than 30,000 students from all over the world enroll in the universities of this country, and benefit from 50-70% scholarship and many services, including economy and exclusive dormitories, advanced training workshops, sports courses, and good citizenship services with reasonable costs. The ranking of these universities is between 200 and 482 among 13,800 registered international universities in the whole world.

The most important universities in North Cyprus are:

  • (GAU) American University – Girne, founded in 1985 with more than 20 thousand students
  • (NEU) Near East University was founded in 1988 with more than 30,000 students
  • (EMU) Eastern Mediterranean University – founded in 1979 with more than 20 thousand students
  • (CIU) Cyprus International University – founded in 1997 with more than 15 thousand students

Most of the engineering, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy fields in this country are also approved by countries around the world.

Studying in international schools in Northern Cyprus

In the last few years, the education system of North Cyprus has grown a lot. The remarkable progress of the education system of this country has made the students who have studied and graduated in the schools of this country to be able to continue their studies in the best universities in the world, and these people are hired for very good jobs after completing the university course.

There are many schools in North Cyprus, and each of them has different services. Students aged 5 to 12 must attend the primary level of these schools. The primary level, which includes the public sector, is a six-year period. This course is free and compulsory for students. The main goal of North Cyprus International Schools is to guarantee the necessary opportunities for learning. By studying in North Cyprus schools, students are able to find a useful personality. At first, they teach the Turkish language to students. English is taught as a second language. Students can also choose of German or French as a third language. Secondary education in Cyprus is offered in two different types of technical and professional education and general education.

Students between the ages of 12 and 17 must enroll in North Cyprus secondary schools. The general secondary education that takes place in North Cyprus international schools will end after six years. This course is free for all students. Some of the international schools in North Cyprus extend their education to seven years at the secondary level. For this reason, students can prepare for international exams.

How to get a driver’s license

According to the laws of 2022, people who have an Iranian driver’s license must translate their driver’s license into Turkish or English before entering North Cyprus, then go to driving schools and provide the required documents and get a required score in the oral regulations test. Then they pay the license fee and they can receive their license after one month. You can drive in Cyprus with your international license before the Cyprus license is issued. Driving in Cyprus is on the right (British format).

Working conditions in Northern Cyprus

One of the main general questions of applicants for immigration or even investment in North Cyprus is to check the employment conditions and income in this country.


According to surveys and official statistics in the past 30 years, the unemployment rate in Northern Cyprus has been between 4 to 16 percent, which according to the economic growth of this country and the increase in the rate of foreign investment and the increase in the number of tourists in recent years, the unemployment rate has dropped below 3 percent, which is a very good and acceptable rate considering the unemployment rate in other countries and even Iran.

Popular and common jobs in North Cyprus:

  • Construction and engineering fields
  • The field of selling construction projects and renting buildings
  • Fields related to marketing and IT
  • Currency exchange
  • Car exhibition and car services
  • Imports and exports
  • teaching at university
  • Repairs and technical works
  • Cosmetic and beauty services
  • Medical and therapeutic services
  • Owning Restaurants and cafe

Cyprus currently has a very high potential for creating jobs and businesses due to the increase in population

Cost of living in Northern Cyprus

Generally, living expenses can be defined according to the lifestyle and way of life of each person or family. In general, in Northern Cyprus, due to the expansion of organic agriculture and organic and healthy animal husbandry, food and consumption costs are lower compared to Iran, and the costs of electricity, gas, and fuel are higher. But its average is about 30% more than the cost of living in Iran, which based on the minimum salary (11,500 liras) in 2022 is about 27 million tomans, the ratio of income to expenses is proportional and normal.

Procedures and Methods of obtaining a lifelong residence

Obtaining residency after buying a property has several steps, which are usually done in 30 days and residency is given to you.

1- Registration of the land deed (land) in the Real Estate Registry Office and payment of half a percent of the registration tax from the total amount of the property after paying the advance payment

2- If the property is pre-purchased, the person needs to rent a residential unit for living and provide the zip code.

3- Go to the district trustee and get the confirmation of the residential area (MUHTAR).

4- Refer to the immigration office and provide property documents and a translated certificate of Criminal history in Iran and create an online user account at the immigration office.

5- Opening a bank account and depositing the amount of 15 thousand dollars in the account (for a period of one month) in order to provide financial resources (law of 2022)

6- Going to the police department for identity verification

7- Going to the government hospital for medical tests (hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis)

8- Payment of residence tax