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EBANKOME advertises properties around the world to buyers. We carefully select our partners (real estate agencies, developers) from different countries and remove language barriers. Our Partners provide reliable information and help to choose a property in a particular region.

EBANKOME helps partners from different parts of the globe find each other

EBANKOME integrates such services as the export of large-sized complete sets of equipment, import and export of building materials and minerals, and resources development, etc., and operates worldwide. EBANKKME has more than 3 branches and 5 offices worldwide involving 28 countries and regions located over five continents around the world, and established import and export business relations with more than 120 countries and regions.


Available Materials


Commonly used for windows, doors, and cladding due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties.


Used in various forms such as lumber, plywood, and engineered wood for structural framing, interior finishes…


Essential for windows and transparent facades, allowing natural light into buildings and providing views…


A versatile and widely used material made from cement, water, and aggregates like sand and gravel…


Used for structural framing in buildings, including beams, columns, and reinforcement bars within concrete…

Slab Stone

A stone slab is a big stone, flat and relatively thin, often of rectangular or almost rectangular form.

Roofing Materials

Apart from asphalt, other roofing materials include metal, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and synthetic shingles.

Insulation materials

Materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, foam boards, or spray foam are used to improve energy efficiency…

Plaster and Drywall

Used for interior wall finishes to create smooth and even surfaces.


The Building Material Trading Division holds a wide variety of local and international products and has become a market leader due to its excellent customer service.

Our strategic branch network allows us to deliver materials to the site as per the customer requirement all over the country. We wish to serve as many customers as possible and try to ensure customer satisfaction.

We source and supply the widest range of high-quality products from around the world. Working only directly with manufacturers, we pride ourselves in our ability to guarantee that all our imports strictly comply with the relevant International standards.



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Construction Material

Apart from asphalt, other roofing materials include metal, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and synthetic shingles.