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Our Agents in Buying


A Top Buyer's Agent Will Support Your Transaction From Start to Finish

Top-level buyer’s agents broaden your horizons – they go the distance and beyond to introduce you to more excellent homes within your means. Use this checklist to assess your buying agent’s strengths:


Personal Advocate

Your agent will become your biggest ally in finding and securing – your dream home.


Local Expert

Agents know the local scene, firsthand, meaning they will be a resource regarding market performance, local schools, and anything else you need.


Insider Connections

Expert agents have built a network of
resources over the years and will connect you with lenders, home inspectors, repair companies, and anyone else you may need in your home buying journey.


Administrative Excellence

Managing all of the paperwork in a real estate transaction is difficult, a professional can make it easier.


Timeline Management

Your agent will manage timelines to keep your transaction moving forward.


Finds Great Deals

A great agent can spot a good (or bad) deal from a mile away.


Mortgage Resources

Buying a home is a big financial commitment! The right agent can connect you with the best mortgage resources.

Our Agents in Selling


We only match the best to help you sell your home

Phenomenal real estate agents are engaged – they go the extra mile. That includes doing all that behind-the-scenes stuff that helps you close in on the highest bid on your home. Their to-do list includes:


Sell Through images

A professional photographer will make your listing dazzle.


Stage to Perfection

Staging with the latest designs helps buyers see a life in your home.


Determine the Best Price

Using neighborhood sales data and more to determine the optimal list price.


Build a Marketing Strategy

Showing and telling why this is the home buyers want


Create Print Marketing

Publishing marketing materials featuring your listing.


List on Top Portals

Creating an online presence for your listing on the most visited websites.


Curate a Digital Experience

Bringing a robust virtual tour to potential buyers.


Keep Your Listing Safe

Putting your health and safety first.


Host Open House

Opening your home up to draw in interested clients.


Create Advertisements

Getting your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Design that is human.

Fresh ideas and open minds.

Only the Top Agents

Which local real estate agent is right for you? It’s in the data. Our technology analyzes thousands of real estate firms to find your ideal match.

ebankome buy/sale service

Powered by service

Buyer, meet seller. Seller, meet buyer. Not a moment wasted.

Save time. Save dollars

Time is of the essence. Top real estate agents move fast to help lock in the best deal on your dream home.

Dedicated support team

We’re here for you, the customer. Our goal is to help ease you through the home buying and selling experience.

Seamless transaction experience

Because we listen to you and the agents, we make real estate transactions seamless, even delightful!

Unbiased and data driven matching

Millions of listings. Thousands of agents. Countless data points. We sort through them all to unlock the real estate agent who will get you the most cash for your home.

We Work With Everyone!

Selling Online
EBANKOME will help you find a buyer, or sell your property, saving you a considerable amount of money.
For sale listing services only, remember you’re responsible for:
• putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign and adding your phone number
• taking interior and exterior photographs
• negotiating on price with potential buyers
• showing potential buyers round your property
• organising Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
• providing details and dimensions about the size of rooms.
Online selling costs vary between websites, so make sure you’re clear about what you are getting for your money. You might also be charged whether you sell your property or not.

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