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Yasam Marina

Yasam Marina is a residential project located in Beylikduzu, the emerging value of Istanbul’s European side, and aims to make you a homeowner by offering a payment plan that suits your needs.

In the Midst of Greenery

You will experience a peaceful and secure life here in Yasam Marina, consisting of expansive and spacious green areas where you will witness all the colors of nature and feel refreshed by its soothing ambiance.


Panoramic Sea View

At Yasam Marina, you will be greeted by panoramic sea and marina views.

You will experience tranquility in Yasam Marina, designed with modern architecture, and have the opportunity to witness the blue and green hues of nature during the early morning light and pleasant hours of the evening.

Everything is For You Here

Yasam Marina will bring you one step closer to the living spaces you have always desired and elevate your standards with its modernly designed amenities. Yasam Marina will not only provide you with a peaceful home but also offer living spaces designed to meet your needs, enabling you to create memorable moments.

Tennis & Park

With its exclusive social facilities, tennis court, indoor swimming pool, and advantageous location that caters to all your needs, Yasam Marina offers unforgettable experiences for your children.

Bicycle Route

In Yasam Marina, you will enjoy the pleasure of spending time with your friends through the social amenities it offers, and you will add color to your life with safe bicycle routes. In Yasam Marina, which embodies the unique harmony of green and blue, you will delightfully ride your bicycle.

Comfortable Balconies

You will understand the difference of Yasam Marina, which takes inspiration from modern architecture, through its spacious balconies, and you will feel tranquility right by your side in this living space built for you. With our spacious balconies, you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable living area with a sea view in Yasam Marina.

Smart home system

You will find a life where technology and comfort meld together in the smart homes at Yaşam Marina. With everything easily under your control and security at the forefront, you will comfortably spend enjoyable moments in these homes.

24/7 Security

Site security is one of the key elements of the life promise we offer. Therefore, we are conscious of providing you and your family with a sense of security around the clock. In line with this, we adopt continuously updated best practices and enforce strict standards. Our security team is carefully selected and undergoes rigorous training. We take a proactive approach, adhere to security procedures, and conduct regular audits to maintain control.

Parking Garage

With its modern design and practical layout, our 2-story parking garage offers you maximum parking space. Equipped with advanced security systems, our parking facility ensures a fast and convenient parking solution at all times. Thus, providing easy access, comfortable parking options, and 24/7 security, it is the ideal solution to keep your vehicles safe.

Sample Apartment

Yaşam Marina, where your safety is a priority, was constructed using the highest quality building materials. Yaşam Marina was designed to withstand high-magnitude earthquakes by utilizing first-class construction materials, such as reinforced foundations on a bedrock of rocky, clay, and limestone ground, and C30/C35 concrete.

• 5 minutes away from the E5 highway
• 2 minutes away from West Istanbul Marina
• 3 minutes away from İDO sea bus transportation
• 7 minutes walking distance to the 2023 METRO system • 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport
• Shopping Mall
• Hospital
• Schools
• Midclub
• Cafe & Restaurants
• 5 Star Hotels